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Our online clearance predates our website in some cases. Where we can, we are trying to find photos for items, but many times our vendors no longer provide the image for us.
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Benartex - Contempo - Twilight Eternity Circles Chocolate

$7.19 $11.99

Contempo Lemon Squeezy Little Lemons Hot Pink 22

$7.19 $11.99

Juniper Moon Findley Dappled 118

$18.59 $30.99

Knitting Fever Chunky Chromatic 2007

$6.59 $10.99

Knitting Fever Katia Azteca Pinks 7852

$11.39 $18.99

Marcus Revved Up Retro Purple Floral Small

$7.19 $11.99

Mill Hill Ceramic Hand Painted Buttons Poinsettia

$1.98 $3.30

Moda Acreage Pears Blossom

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Acreage Pears Garden

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Acreage Pins Blossom

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Acreage Rows Grass

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Acreage Scroll Grass

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Alpine Dark Brown Foxes

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Alpine Earth Paint Pallet

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Alpine Pasture Green Paint Pallet

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Alpine Pine Green Foxes

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Farm Fun Eggs Grass

$7.19 $11.99

Moda Handmade Red Coral 55141 23

$7.19 $11.99

PT CS Jeannette Douglas Happy Acorn Harvest

$10.79 $17.97

PT CS Plum Street In Friendship

$7.79 $12.99

PT CS Stacy Nash Primrose Farm Sewing Basket & Heart Pinkeep

$8.99 $14.97

PT CS Tumbleweeds Broken Arrow Ranch

$5.99 $9.99

Sewline Fabric Pencil Erasers 6ea

$3.59 $5.99

Sulky Thread Metallic 165yds. Christmas Green


Sulky Thread Metallic Purple Prism 110yds.

$2.69 $4.49

Sulky Thread Poly-Deco Embroidery 250yds. Lime Green


Sulky Thread Poly-Deco Embroidery 250yds. Neon Green

$2.99 $4.99

Sulky Thread Poly-Deco Embroidery 250yds. White

$2.03 $3.39

BK KN Noro Knits

$11.39 $18.97

Ella Rae - Lace Merino Worsted Solid - Denim 113

$8.99 $14.99

PT Cabin Fever Lacey Vee (DK)


PT Chris Bylsma Designs Bravo Bag


PT Chris Bylsma Designs Ladder Scarf


PT Chris Bylsma Designs Summer Hours


PT CS Lili Points The Giraffe


PT Grizzly Gulch Love That Print


PT Jeane deCoster Designs Summer's Edge Vest


PT Karabella Gossamer Dress


PT Karabella Gossamer Shawl with Ruffle


PT Karabella Gossamer Triangular Shawl


PT Karabella Round Crocheted Shawl


PT Karabella Ruffled Neck Top


PT KN Girls' Sweater and Skirt Pattern Comfort Zone


PT KN Men's Sweater Pattern Xander


PT KN Plymouth Galway Worsted Felted Pencil Holder


PT KN Plymouth Yarn Easy Felting Project Purses


PT KN Skacel Knitting Caribou Critters Pattern Dog


PT KN Swedish Yarn Smilla Sweater


PT KN Knitting At KNoon Designs On the Half-Shell


PT Vermont Fiber Designs Top-down empire waist pullover


RR 16682 Gold


Ultimate 3-in-1 color Tool by Joen Wolfrom C&T Publishing


Knitting Fever Katia Look Browns 70

$7.79 $12.99