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Let all the Earth Sing

Row by Row 2017

Around Hamilton County

As you plan your stop at Always in Stitches, we wanted to share some of our local favorites with you. Instead of sitting in the car, your traveling companions might like a short adventure. If they come in the shop, we give Kisses. Noblesville has two quilt stores, and two knit shops (we are one!). There is also a high end garment sewing shop not too far away. Be sure to ask for our list of shops at the register. Or download it here.

Gingers Cafe
Our favorite restaurant is just next door
Open until 2pm, they have a nice assortment
of pies in addition to the breakfast & lunch menu.

A fun way to spend the day as a family.

Downtown Noblesville is a 
charming place to shop, have coffee
or dine.
Noblesville Main Street

            Free Row by Row Patterns

Tote Bag Travel Pillow    

                   In the shop, we have the Ninth Row and kits. Proceeds from the kits are donated to help the homeless in our community. The pattern is free.