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 Thank you for selecting one of our classes.

We look forward to working with you and sharing the joy of learning new skills. Please be familiar with the following policies before signing up
and attending our events and classes: 

If you are attending an all day workshop we will take a short break mid day for lunch on your own. Make it simple when you order a bag lunch from Banter's Meat next door at least 2 days in advance at: (317) 922-1080 or bring your own lunch.   

For information about a specific class such a supplies needed or prerequisites for the class please contact the teacher. You will find their information listed in the class description. You will not receive any reminder to attend the class. When you sign up you are responsible for remembering to attend and for having the appropriate supplies when you arrive. 

If you have general questions about class scheduling or policies, please contact Sandy at

  • Please be sure we have a valid email address when registering and check your email regularly for updates.
  • If you are unable to attend a class for which you are registered, you may re-sell your seat, but we do not offer any refunds.  This is because our teachers plan for your attendance and are paid in full whether you attend or not. Please be sure to inform the teacher if you make this change. 
  • After you have registered for a class, if we cancel or reschedule you are entitled to a full refund of the class fee. We will do our best to notify you of cancellation or delays.   
  • When the minimum number of students for a class is not met the class maybe canceled. 
  • Please help support our shop by purchasing supplies with us. It is important to begin with appropriate materials and we make every effort to carry the specific items requested by your instructor. We depend on those purchases to keep our classrooms open. 
  •  Do not bring guests or children to class unless they are attending as a paid student. No children may be left unsupervised anywhere in our shop. 
  •  As a courtesy to others do not wear cologne or scented lotions when in our shop. Many people are very allergic to these scents.
  • Always silence your cell phone while in class.  If you must take a call, please step out of the classroom so as not to disrupt the discussion or other students.

Not For Profit Classroom Use Form - If you are a not for profit group that would like to use one of our rooms, please complete the paperwork and email to

Classroom Teachers Room Use and Responsibility form - If you are interested in teaching a class at the shop, please complete the paperwork and email to



SOLD OUT - So sorry, we do not have a waiting list. Check our Always In Stitches Insiders Facebook page for individuals who may be selling their tickets.

Cost: $ 49.99

Online Learning Opportunities

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